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United States is one of the originators of the automotive industry with great american car brands in general. One of the very first cars in the world was created in Detroit by Henry Ford. American industry continues to develop the market as much as possible on a regular bases. American cars are well-known for its great mix of quality and price. Compared to the luxurious British and European cars, American cars are much more affordable and designed for everyday life.

Lots of small companies that were created after fords invention are doing their best to say their word by creating brand new vehicles, but at the same time they spend quality time on improving the old legendary models to preserve the story. America is also home to the Hot Rods, the old cars, usually Ford, modified to reduce weight. Such modified cars used to have a name of a Speedster. The engine was most often replaced with a more powerful one and some parts like convertible tops, hoods, bumpers, windshields were removed. Hot Rods also had improved handling and traction due to the changed wheels and tires.


Ford Logo

Ford Logo

The history of Ford is one of the most interesting and colorful ones among the history of the famous car manufacturers. Ford is considered a brand for the true fighters.
Ford Motor Company produced its first car, a two-cylinder Model A, in 1903.
In 1960s, Ford released one of the all-time favorites and for some the matchless Ford Mustang. It amazed everyone with the unexpected design and stole the hearts of the car lovers immediately, especially that of the women. “When the Mustang was unveiled, the reaction was so positive that there was no doubt it was going to be a success,” recalls Joe Oros, the chief designer of the Ford Mustang.

However, for the manufacturer this just was not enough. They wanted to go with something more aggressive and create a truly powerful piece. That was exactly when Ford decided to trust Boss Motor Company with the further sophistication of the Ford Mustang. After this, several models were released, including Ford Mustang Boss 320, Ford Mustang 329, 350, 430.
Later, Ford released Ford Mustang Shelby with the help of Carrol Shelby, an American automotive designer, racing driver and entrepreneur. Ford Mustang Shelby has always been on the top of the collectors’ list.

Ford is still actively involved in the production of the fresh vehicles. One of the fastest cars of Ford is Ford Raptor. It is one of the fastest pick-ups on the market nowadays. Ford also produced numerous other models in the last decades including the Focus, Fusion, Five Hundred, Crown Victoria and the Mustang.
Ford also had factories in a number of other countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Holland, Mexico, and South Africa.


dodge logo

dodge logo

Dodge is a brand that vigorously tries to compete with Ford. The models from Dodge should be given a credit for their outstanding beauty. Many movies and TV shows have featured Dodge models; their favorites are usually two models: Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger. It was thanks to these two beauties that Dodge achieved such a great success.
Dodge Charger has always been looked upon as a car for the “bad boys”. Just like Mustang, Dodge Charger became even more famous after it was featured in one of the movies. Later it became even more desired among the young people after its appearance in the series of The Fast and The Furious.

Back in 1999, Dodge released Dodge Vipper, a super car that only few were able to tame.

All in all, one of the reasons for the Dodge’s popularity is that it made the super cars much more affordable. Dodge offered competitive prices, but at the same time its models could easily compete with premium class cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari or Audi.

Dodge always held a place of awe and respect among the car enthusiasts who love to notice the envious looks of the by passers.


Tesla Logo

Tesla Logo

Tesla is the new word in the history of the American Automotive Industry, and not only American. As many auto critics calls it, it is the future! Tesla is an electric sports car, which is completely based on the electricity. It is not a sedan and we can classify it as a super car. Its unique sleek design and outstanding handling gives the owner the feeling of safety. When it comes to speed, Tesla easily stands up to other famous super cars. It is a little surprising though, as the car weighs around 2000 kg, the accumulator (that powers the engine) solely weighs about 600 kg. It takes approximately 6 hours to charge the car completely. Tesla can travel up to 200 km once it is fully charged.

Tesla is one of the most revolutionary cars of our days, which can also be understood from its price.

In addition to all that, the Tesla super cars are safe for the environment and much more practical.


Chrysler Logo

Chrysler Logo

Chrysler in one of the most famous brands in the world and it is also part of the American “Big Three”. Chrysler Group LLC is the seventh biggest automaker in the world by production. Its headquarter is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Chrysler is currently owned by Fiat.

The Chrysler Corporation was formed by Walter P Chrysler in 1925. The first car that was released under the name of the Chrysler was the Chrysler 6 that was launched in 1924. The release was quite successful and more than 32,000 models were sold in that year only.

Chrysler has several divisions, including Jeep. Jeep has its significant share in the car industry. Jeep models were always super strong and resistant. It has always surprised its owners in the hard situations that seemed insoluble before. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is super fast and represents the new line of the sports SUVs.

Jeep can take its owners to any location at any time of the year. It can take their drivers to the places that no other car is able to.