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British automotive industry is astounding for its outstanding quality and design of the cars. Their primary market has always been premium and sports cars. What makes them stand out from other brands is the time they dedicate to every single detail. The success of British cars is based on two things mainly. One is the basic traits of a high quality car that are beauty, comfort and design, and the other one is its simplicity.

The idea behind the British cars is simple; everyone who puts a foot in any of the British cars immediately feels like a true royalty. It is a bit of a pity that many of the originally British car brands that used to be some of the most popular ones at times are no longer manufactured in Britain. It has to be mentioned that London is not just the capital of fashion; with the variety of the most desired and one-in-a-kind cars driving around the city, London can also be easily called the capital of the car industry. Britain also takes an active part in various auto races. It is also home to the 8 out of 11 teams of the legendary Formula 1.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce logo

Rolls Royce logo

There is no way one can talk about British automotive industry without mentioning Rolls Royce. It has always been the very symbol of the well-known British Royalty and wealth. Rolls Royce models are unique with their high level of comfort and dedication to the details. Every single detail of their vehicles is hand-made. Everything is sewed separately and the wood parts are also hand-made.

All this together is what makes Rolls Royce the first choice of the royalties. Even Kate Middleton and Prince William chose Rolls-Royce Phantom VI as their engagement party ride. Not to mention that Queen Elizabeth II herself is a proud owner of 10 different Rolls Royce models. She is even seen driving Rolls Royce Phantom IV on her own in the streets of Britain.

The name of the brand comes from its primary founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. They formed Rolls-Royce Limited back in 1906.  In the next 70 years, Rolls Royce produced up to 20 different models, including the Phantom, Wraith, Silver Wraith, Silver Dawn and Silver Shadow range.
Rolls Royce is not only known for the manufacturing of the cars; they also have long history in the production of the aircrafts.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin Logo

Aston Martin Logo

Anyone who has ever seen any of the famous Bond movies has definitely made at least one comment about Bond’s car – Aston Martin. Back in the very first episode of the all-loved Bond movie, we had the pleasure to watch Agent 007 race around in Aston Martin DB 5, which was specifically designed and created for James Bond.

As for the new DB 9 that can stun many with its beauty, it is one of the favorites among the celebrities, including footballers, movie stars, etc… Some of the most beloved models include Aston Martin DB 9, Aston Martin DB S and Aston Martin Vanquish. Jeremy Clarkson, the star of the Top Gear, did not leave Vanquish unnoticed either. Even more, he said that anyone who will have an opportunity of getting inside Aston Martin Vanquish should just start the engine and sit silently in order to get the full joy out of the sound of the engine, as no car can give you the same pleasure with its sound as this one.


Jaguar Logo

Jaguar Logo

Whenever you want a convertible, you just have to go with Jaguar. Jaguar E Type first appeared on the market back in the 1960s and left the car lovers and everyone in general speechless. It was also the favorite car of the famous American Actor Steve McQueen. Only one person was able to re-manufacture Jaguar E Type and it happened with the special order of an Arab Sheikh. We now know the car as the Jaguar Eagle Speedster, which is valued at about 0.5 million USD. The sophisticated design of the 1960’s and the new powerful 21st century engine is what makes everyone lose their mind over this car.

The new Jaguar F Type had no less success with the critics of the automotive industry. Any car enthusiast should test the vibrant sound of its powerful engine.

In March 2008, the daily Telegraph ranked the Jaguar E-Type as the first car in the online list of the world’s “100 most beautiful cars” of all time.

Jaguar has always been known for its modesty and they proved it once again on their anniversary of 100 years. On the contrary to the other brands, Jaguar did not throw an excessive party to celebrate the event.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper logo

Mini Cooper logo

Along with the legendary sightseeing of the London are the Mini Coopers of all shapes and colors. The favorite car brand of many musicians, among them the great four of The Beatles. The car icon of the 1960’s, Mini Cooper was the first car to come with the front-wheel-drive that was produced by BMC (British Motor Corporation).

Sir Alec Issigonis is the one who stands behind the revolutionary design on the MINI. His vision was to create an affordable vehicle in response to the Suez oil crisis of the 1956.

Even though many recognize Mini Cooper for its small and cute look, a credit should be given to its strength as well. Lots of races have been held with the participation of various models of Mini Cooper and as surprising as it may sound, it has stolen lots of titles as well.

One of the reasons why Mini Cooper managed to win the Dakar rally among many other ones is its great combination of the powerful engine and excellent maneuvering. Overall it has a great performance that gives Mini Cooper the possibility to stand up to the cars like Audi Quattro.

After about 30 year stop, Mini Cooper is back on the race tracks. Mini Cooper is also awarded the title of the “European Car of the Century”.