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Chinese automotive industry does not have as long history as some of the European ones, but it already had lots of bright moments on the world market. China always tried to help the development of its vehicle brands by various means. Chinese car brands decided not to follow the path of famous car manufacturers and create something unique; this was their primary step towards the success.

China was producing more than a million cars of all types by 1992. The figure continued to increase throughout the years: 2000 – 2.07 million, 2006 – 7.28 million, 2007 – 8.88 million. According to the research conducted in 2008, China was the country with the greatest unit of automobile production. In the last few years, China has been producing more cars than the European Union or Japan and US combined. 44.3% of the produced vehicles were local brands, while the rest were from the joint ventures with foreign brands like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Nissan. China also exports great deal of the manufactured cars. According to several auto critics, by 2030, China can surpass the legendary car manufacturing countries like Germany, US and Japan. Some of the famous Chinese car brands include Guangzhou Automobile Industry, Tianjin Automobile Industry, Changhe, Hafei Motor, BYD Auto, Changfeng Automobile, Geely Automobile, Great Wall Motors, and also famous pick-up brand Dadi Auto. Chinese cars can be distinguished by their high quality and resistance, which is a bit of a surprise as their prices are incomparably low. Chinese cars also have a small consumption rate, which is a rather important aspect when choosing a car for everyday life.


Chery is a famous Chinese car brand that first appeared on the market in 1997. Initially, its main focus was on minivans, passenger cars and SUVs. Chery did not used to have great success in the first 17 years of its existence, but then it changed dramatically and success was just around the corner. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, also known as Qirui, was founded by the Government of China and is nowadays state-owned. It is headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui, China. At first, Chery produced its first model Chery A11, also known as Fulwin, Fengyun or Windcloud. Its design greatly resembled Seat Toledo, on which the car was actually based. Later, Chery decided to come up with more unique designs and created its new model Chery QQ. Even though, it was not the prettiest car on the market, it was exclusive and original. After that, Chery released lots of great models, including Chery A3, Chery V5, Chery M1, etc. Chery defined its brand and was no longer an imitator manufacturer. Chery has also released some premium cars for worldwide sale. Chery is one of the most major car manufacturers in China producing up to half a million vehicles every year.

Great Wall Motors

Another popular brand among the Chinese car brands is Great Wall Motors, which started it auto career in 1984. The company is one of the biggest car producers in Chine today, but just like Chery, it started with imitations of other popular brand models from other parts of the world. First Great Wall Motors car, Pegasus greatly resembled the famous Toyota Land Cruiser. Actually, it was quite popular on the Russian market. Great Wall Motors also followed the footsteps of Chery and started coming up with the unique designs. Some of the trademark models of the company include the Coolbear, the Wingle 5, Haval H3, Haval H5 and Haval H6. The brand is obviously named after the legendary Great Wall of China. Great Wall Motors produces up to 650,000 cars every years and a great deal of that number is exported to other countries all over the world.


Roewe is a name owned by the popular Chinese car manufacturer SAIC motors. It first appeared in 2006, so it is one of the newest brands on the market. SAIC tried to purchase the Rover name, but failed and ended up with Roewe. The word is a combination of the Chinese characters Róng and wēi, which can be understood as “glorious power”. However, according to SAIC motors the name comes from Löwe, the German word for lion. In the beginning, Roewe mostly used the technology developed by the defunct British carmaker MG Rover. Even though Roewe was expected to be the Chinese make-over of the famous Land Rover, the company came up with some great innovative ideas. Its primary goal was to create the cars that would be comfortable for families, but at the same time look timeless and unique. Roewe is one of the very few Chinese brands that release luxury cars. Roewe has produced various successful models like 950, 750,550,350 and E50. These are some of the most wanted car models on the Chinese market nowadays. In total, Roewe has sold about 155,336 cars in China. It was the 29th largest-selling car brand in the China in 2013.
Right now, the SAIC is working on its second Roewe SUV model, which is expected to stand up to famous European car like Ford EcoSport.

BYD Auto

BYD Auto is another newcomer on the Chinese automotive market. It was founded just 11 years ago, back in 2003. BYD Auto should be given credit for its completely inimitable designs. On the contrary to most other Chinese brands, BYD never tried to imitate any of the other famous brands. It always had its own style and vision. Some of the first BYD Auto models include the Byd F6 and the Byd Flyer, which stood out from the rest of the Chinese vehicles. Later, BYD produced famous models like E6, F0, F3, G3, G6, M6 and S6. All these models made it possible for BYD auto to be among the top 3 car brands of China currently. In 2013, BYD Auto sold about 506,189 vehicles and it became the tenth largest selling brand and the largest selling Chinese brand. In the future, BYD Auto is planning to increase the export to the European countries and also US.