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Nowadays, Germany is one of the most developed counties in the automotive industry. Some of the world famous brands like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc. have been created in Germany. In addition, Germany gave start to the new era of cars by producing revolutionary brands like Gumpert, which represents the supercars of the future. We can also call Germany the birthplace of the cars in general, as back in 1870s Karl Benz and Nikolaus Otto independently invented a four-stroke internal combustion engine. Their input in the auto industry is huge. Today’s desired supercars like Pagani use the engines of Mercedes. As for the Legendary BMW Alpina, which used to offer the new type of engines 30 years ago is still popular in our days and is actively being used in various vehicles.

Germany is also home to the Nürburgring motorsports complex, where 70% of the world cars are tested. This race track plays a huge role in the qualification of the cars from all around the world. Germany has always stipulated the existence of the highest quality cars on the market for the affordable prices, some of which are BMW series 7, Mercedes S class, and new generation Audi. Germany is also a place where automotive industry takes the next step and looks into the future of the cars by presenting BMW I electric cars (more than 50 000 of the models already sold worldwide). German cars can be distinguished by their sophisticated design, innovative technologies and outstanding strength at the same time. Currently, it is five companies and seven marques that dominate the automotive industry of Germany: Volkswagen AG, BMW AG, Adam Opel AG, Ford-Werke GmbH and Daimler AG. German cars are really popular and you can find them all over the world. They are very stable and secure cars and they produce millions of cars per year in Germany. But what are all German car brands? We did some research and found all the brands. View the complete list of brands with their logos on this page.


BMW logo

BMW logo

Even though BMW was established about 10 years before Mercedes-Benz, it was not the first company to produce cars. BMW was originally aircraft manufacturer, but nowadays proudly takes the second place in its class on the market. In 1928, BMW acquired the Dixi factory and produced their first model – the BMW-Dixi 3/15.
The famous brands Mini and Rolls-Royce also belong to Bayrischen Motoren Werke (BMW).

It was BMW Alpina with 1200 horse power that astonished everyone in Formula 1 and challenged the leading brands like Ferrari and Lotus. BMW’s new coupe and sedan M4, which also stunned the world, is based on the same Aplina engine, but even more sophisticated one, starting at 4.0 power. This was exactly when many said that BMW was one of the best in its class. Number of automotive industry critics would tell you that BMW first series M is a true masterpiece of all times.

BMW also has some of the most powerful business class models. Series 7 is well-known for its super sophistication. The latest technologies are incorporated in the models to assist businessmen in working on the way. In 2014, BMW also became known for its clever advertising.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz logo

Mercedes Benz logo

Mercedes-Benz is part of the “German Big 3” along with BMW and Audi. It is hard to find a person in the world who does not recognize this car brand, which makes it one of the most popular ones in the world. Soon after Karl Benz’s invention of combustion engines in 1870s, Germany was producing more than thousands of vehicles annually, but it was in 1926 that Mercedes-Benz was finally founded. In 1930s, Mercedes produced the 2,545 cc 260 D model, which is thought to be the world’s first diesel powered production car.

Mercedes has its headquarters in Stuttgart and also produces some of the best trucks, buses and other vehicles along with the cars. As for the vehicles, Mercedes offers wide range of cars; everything from mini cars to extremely luxurious ones.

In 2007, Mercedes climbed from 25th to 5th place and earned various awards for its models.

Mercedes is famous for its high quality luxury cars that stand out with its durability and non-stop innovations. And this is where its slogan steps in “Das Beste oder nichts” (English: “The best or nothing”).

Mercedes-Benz demonstrates all the important aspects that German cars are about. Their cars are among the best-selling ones in the world.


Audi logo

Audi logo

And closing the “German Big 3” list is Audi, another most popular brand in Germany. Audi was founded in 1909 in Ingolstadt and has its focus on producing luxury cars. Besides Luxury cars, Audi also has history in producing everything from mini cars to large SUVs.

The logo of the company, four rings, comes from the four companies, Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, that merged and, as a result, created the company that many adore. The company operates overseas as well and has nine production facilities all around the world. If you are one of those who gives preference to the diesel based cars then Audi is definitely the brand you should look into. They are one of the leading companies when it comes to creating vehicles that run on diesel.

In March 1980, Audi introduced The Audi Quattro at the Geneva Motor Show. It was the first high-performance vehicle with four wheel drive. Before that the concept was only used on trucks and off road vehicles. Gradually four rings became the symbol of progressive engineering.

Fine-looking sports and luxury cars that are famous for reliability and efficiency is what Audi cars are trying to portray and they are doing a great job at it.


Porsche Logo

Porsche Logo

While the above listed companies are known for the production of all kinds of cars from minis to SUVs to luxury cars, Porsche is purely focused on the sports cars. Porsche was founded in 1931 in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart. The founder of this exquisite brand was Ferdinand Porsche, whom true car enthusiasts cannot thank enough for creating some of the best and the fastest sports cars in the world.

In the beginning, Porsche did not differ greatly from the Volkswagen Beatle. It is no big surprise as Porsche started the production of its first car based on the carcass of the Volkswagen Beatle. Porsche reached great success in no time. Its modern cars are distinguishable for their sophisticated and truly stunning designs. The new Porsche 911 is completely different from the previous models.